Business overview

Business overview

Real Estate Revelopment Consulting

We are a real estate consulting company that identifies and purchases what we believe to be underdeveloped real estate properties (land and/or buildings) and re-sell such properties to real estate developers so that they can redevelop those properties.

Our mission is to maximize the values of the land and building of real estate owners by first identifying their real estate holdings as underdeveloped and proposing the most effective use of the identified real estate. For example, if a real estate property is located in an upscale residential area, but the property, whether it be a building or land, is being used for low-value single-family homes, low-rise buildings or is at the moment just a plot of land, we do not believe that this is the most effective use of the land and we bring that to the attention of the property owner.

Once we identify an underdeveloped property, we negotiate diligently with the landowner to purchase that property. We often purchase separate small parcels of land and sell them to a developer as a single large lot. Selling the land as a single large lot often increases the value of the property and allows us to sell it at a higher price to developers that will develop the property for high-end condominiums or commercial buildings.

We believe that we also contribute to the creation of safe and comfortable urban environments by purchasing old buildings that lack fire resistance and earthquake resistance and selling them as land for development. By encouraging construction of fire resistance and earthquake resistance buildings, we aim to be beneficial to society as a whole. We are operating under the slogan of “Make the first step for safer and more secure cities.” In Japan, which is prone to earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters, building “safer and more secure cities” is a constant objective, one that requires perseverance over many years and a steady, step-by-step buildup of efforts. We believe that the real estate redevelopment projects that we facilitate are the first steps toward creating “safer and more secure cities.”

In making the first step for safer and more secure cities, we value and conform to a philosophy called “Sampo-yoshi,” which is a traditional Japanese business philosophy. “Sampo” is the Japanese word for three parties: the seller, the buyer, and society. “Yoshi” means “good” or “beneficial” in Japanese. Therefore, it refers to the philosophy of doing good business, which is intended to be a win-win situation for the seller, the buyer, and society. It is essential for the seller and buyer to be satisfied, and that a good business can only be said to be good if it contributes to society as well. In our business, for landowners, the value of their property is expected to increase by the proposed redevelopment. For us, we can profit from the increased value of property. For society, it generally becomes safer and more secure by the redevelopment. “Good for the people, good for the city, and good for society.” This philosophy of “Sampo-yoshi” is our most valued corporate spirit and the very company we are striving to become.